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  • 9th Graders and all New International Students visit Six Flags

    On September 20th, students visited Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. ELL 9th grade students visited on September 20th. Students spent the day enjoying thrilling rides like Superman, El Toro, and Kingda Ka.  The warm weather made ColdStone ice... Read More | Share it now!


  • 5th Graders Meet African Dignitaries

    Our 5th graders are making quite an impression with the visiting dignitaries. This week they have met State and Education Ministers from Ghana, West Africa and Central Africa. This dynamic group has had their picture taken, were asked questions about... Read More | Share it now!


  • Movie Club Review

    This week the movie club watched Rocky. Rocky is a movie about a very nice, semi-professional boxer who suddenly gets a shot at the world title. The first act of the movie mostly consists of character development. The director, John G. Avildsen (who... Read More | Share it now!


  • AP English Rhetorical Appeals Project

    Ms. Tafaro’s AP Language and Composition students completed a rhetorical appeals project wherein they were to create an advertisement about one of the following: how to succeed, convince others not to plagiarize, or show how to perform well on... Read More | Share it now!


  • Life at Pioneer Photography Competition

    The IT Department is happy to announce a new photography competition. The theme of this competition will be “Life at Pioneer.” All students are encouraged to submit at most three photos relating to Pioneer Academy. Examples include photos... Read More | Share it now!


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12oct - 13oct 1212:00 pmoct 13Columbus Day - School Closed
23oct - 24oct 2312:00 pmoct 24Parent Teacher Conference 7,8,9,10
29oct - 30oct 2912:00 pmoct 30Early Dismissal- Staff PD


3nov - 6nov 312:00 pmnov 6Benchmark
7nov2:00 pm- 2:00 pmOpen House
9nov - 10nov 912:00 pmnov 10End of First Quarter
11nov - 12nov 1112:00 pmnov 12Veterans Day
25nov - 26nov 2512:00 pmnov 26Early Dismissal
26nov - 28nov 2612:00 pmnov 28Thanksgiving Break
26nov - 27nov 2612:00 pmnov 27Thanksgiving Day


15dec - 16dec 1512:00 pmdec 16Parent/Teacher Conference 5-6-11-12
16dec - 17dec 1612:00 pmdec 17Parent/Teacher Conference 7-8-9-10
18dec2:00 pm- 1:00 pmEarly Dismissal
21dec - 2jandec 2112:00 pmjan 2Winter Break


25jan - 27jan 252:00 pmjan 27Benchmarks
30jan2:00 pm- 2:00 pmOpen House