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  • Encouraging Students to Read This Summer by Kelli Westmoreland via

    Summer reading…the words a six-year-old loves to hear and words an eighth grader loathes.

  • Trenton Old Barracks Museum

    The ELL department went to the Trenton Old Barracks Museum. Revolutionary War reenactors showed students what it would have been like to enlist in the Continental Army during the 1770's.

  • Science Lab with Snakes

    Mrs. Saifan’s 9th grade Honors Biology class performed an unusual dissecting lab in which they had the great opportunity to dissect snakes!

  • Cultural Day: The Results are In!

    On Saturday, May 30th, PA hosted a Cultural Day celebrating twelve countries including: Vietnam, Poland, Georgia, Norway, Nepal, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

  • Now Enrolling 5th Graders

    Pioneer Academy is excited to announce that we are now accepting enrollment for fifth grade students. Please e-mail our admissions counselor, Katie Gensinger at or visit Pioneer for the Open House this Saturday!

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