The elementary team had our first Annual Science Fair! Students in grades K-4 used the scientific method to experiment, plan and explain various scientific topics.

For science day kindergarten was learning about weather. They learned about rain, how rain forms, clouds, storms, and wind. The activity we did on science day was to show the parents about our rain clouds. The students had to predict how many drops of food coloring it would take to go through the shaving cream as it acted as a cloud. Once the food coloring went through, they had to draw a picture on what happened when it went through, and write of their hypothesis was true or not.

First grade has been learning about the structure and function of animals. They chose an animal to investigate and researched that animal. The “animal experts” shared their findings with our visitors.

Second grade was out of this world! Each planet was researched,discussed and presented. They excelled in their Jedi training and are now masters of the force!

The students in Mrs. Hickey’s class worked in groups to present their science fair projects. The projects covered various science topics like: Taste Perception, Talking to Plants, How to Stop Soda from Exploding, and Mood Ring Validity. The students had to form a hypothesis, test participants, measure plant growth over time, create charts/graphs, analyze data, and much more! Great job, 4A!