Young Artists


Our young artists have been learning about how to create value in their artwork. They practiced creating tints by mixing a color of their choice with white and creating shades by mixing a color with black. Later, different grades applied the learned concepts by creating an original painting.

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Drug Free Life


In middle school Character Education classes we celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Seventh-grade students learned the importance of good and bad choices and they created posters about “Proud to be drug free life.”

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Native American Tribes


Students in Mr. Benevenga’s fifth grade Social Studies class were assigned to create informative posters on several Native American tribes. Our middle school students did a fantastic job putting together colorful, creative, and educational projects. Several students went the extra mile and created 3D models of the type of homes these tribes lived in. [...]

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Big Monster Ball Fans


Our third graders are BIG Monster Ball fans. We are using all of those well known locomotor and manipulative skills like absolute champions. On beautiful sunny days we head outside and dip our toes into different sports! Right now we are playing volleyball and we have also had our shot at some basketball too. [...]

Big Monster Ball Fans2020-12-14T16:04:04-05:00

Toilet Paper Mummy


In PE class second graders have played soccer and loved it! Tried out basketball…didn’t quite love it. And then played some more soccer! We are moving our bodies in different ways that isn’t just running, skipping, and jumping jacks. We are finding joy in sports and moving our bodies. We even had a Toilet [...]

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Pioneer Times


Check out Pioneer Academy High School Magazine where you can read the latest news!  The pioneer academy newsletter has a new look and is designed to keep our community informed about what's happening on/off our campus through student and teacher reporting and photography. Enjoy the read!

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Open House


Click here to register to our Virtual Open House on Nov'14! Montessori Pre-K: 10:00 am Elementary School: 11:00 am Middle School: 12:00 pm High School: 1:30 pm View our latest school videos: Middle School & High School video: https://youtu.be/eCkEFU9n7s0 PK & Elementary School video: https://youtu.be/RoYw6Jz7XCo

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NHS Feed the Homeless


As part of the National Honor Society, each member is responsible for serving a minimum of 30 service hours at a local nonprofit organization. NHS members have the responsibility to raise personal awareness of issues teenagers face. Coupled with their interests in the area they choose for service, they are also given the responsibility to [...]

NHS Feed the Homeless2020-04-19T21:35:14-04:00
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