Dear Parents & Guardians,

Pioneer Academy has contracted the New Line Catering team to provide quality food services to our students in our Pioneer Academy Dining Hall. New Line Catering works diligently to provide healthy and delicious meals to the students of Pioneer Academy. All meals are fresh and prepared daily on premises by our dedicated chefs.

The New Line Catering teams website has been designed to provide you with convenient and easy access to purchase the meal plan of your choosing.  You can take advantage of huge savings with the purchase of a yearly meal plan.  Additional options, such as daily, weekly or monthly meal plans are also available. All plans are available for purchase through the New Line Catering website simply by creating an account for your child and placing your preferred orders accordingly. After you have set up an account on the website, you are able to add credit to your account by credit card, wire transfer or check and then use these credits to purchase your desired meal plan.

Please feel free to contact New Line Catering at (862) 248 6060 or email