Reginald James

Coach Reginald James in his role as the Athletic Director and Department Head of Physical Education is a highly motivated individual keeping the students’ success a priority.  In his role he founded and developed a competitive basketball team that attracts top talent including top 100 best athletes in the US and many from the best talent in the world from countries such as Canada, Columbia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Nigeria & Russia. He works closely with the College Guidance to ensure the best results in terms of promoting the students’ athletic ability alongside very strong academic success.  They work together to ensure that student athletes are NCAA eligible, with the end goal of securing top acceptances, and best college scholarships.

Mr. James holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Kean University and a Masters of Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University of Irvine.  Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Coach Reginald James was given the opportunity to run Semi Professional under newly formed club, Garden State Track Club which would later be sponsored by Adidas, now know as Adidas Garden State Track Club making him one of the first professional athletes of the team which now holds multiple World Championships and Olympic medals. He was one of the former club record holders on the 4×8 team that placed third at the Milrose Games. He still continues to work as an ambassador for the club and helps guide athletes post college in receiving sponsorship to continue their athletic careers. Though his passion for track remains high, Reginald James has a background in basketball, football, and volleyball as well.

He comes to Pioneer with over 12 years of solid experience, including over 7 years at a college level working at New Jersey City University, Bloomfield College, Montclair State University, Kean University and Holy Family University, where he was the Head Coach. He is a CEO of RGJ Sports Club, where he trains youth to prepare them for the national level in track and field.  In his career he has helped prepare students with outstanding results including full athletic scholarships in soccer, and track and field.

Mr. James is excited with the direction of the program and sees the school’s long term vision of not just being the best school in the Passaic County area academically, but athletically as well and with the help of the administration supporting his vision, the sky’s the limit for what the program future holds.  His motivation and passion is inspirational to everyone around him.  His kind approach is equally met with laser sharp, strategic implementation, upholding high standards for all.   On a personal level, he is a father of a one year old young man who is known to frequent the staff meetings.  His other half, Ms. Nicosia Henry has also been featured as a major athlete with great success in All American Track and basketball.  Overall Coach Reggie has a heart of gold and determination of a lion, always staying in line with the student centered approach that Pioneer offers to all its students.