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Pioneer Academy aims to provide a well­-rounded, character­-building education through challenging interdisciplinary curricula, stimulating extra­-curricular activities and community involvement. We seek to instill a life-­long passion for learning, a strong sense of moral responsibility, and a welcoming of diversity.

Our Beliefs


We believe that dedicated, skilled, and enthusiastic teachers instill in students the passion for learning and self­motivation which will lead them to achieve excellence in all their future endeavors.


We believe that a rigorous academic environment is necessary to help students develop the ability to persevere and overcome the great challenges of today’s demanding global environment.


A) Community Involvement

We believe that community involvement will teach students to understand the real world and the value of making positive contributions to society on all levels through volunteerism and education.

B) Moral Responsibility

We believe that it is the moral responsibility of all humankind to develop a sense of judgment that will enable them to use their knowledge and power to oppose suffering and to benefit all of humanity


We believe that a welcoming of diversity, the pursuit of common ground, and the willingness to listen to differing ideas for the sake of understanding are the primary requirements for peaceful progress and prosperity in the multicultural world.