pioneer academy

At Pioneer Academy, we believe participation in athletic programs plays a crucial role in the overall growth of our students. Pioneer Academy requires all students to participate in the athletic program at a level consistent with their ability and all athletics practices and games are considered school obligations. Our attentive program strives to achieve multiple goals,  teaching students how to : work well with one another, test themselves both mentally and physically, and practice good sportsmanship.


In the fall term, all new students are required to be involved in a Team Sport. Although efforts will be made to assist each student in meeting their athletic requirement, there may be times when exceptions are necessary due to limited space or full rosters. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the Athletic Director in direct consultation with the student’s advisor.  Additionally, Pioneer Academy encourages students in their physical development through involvement in positive interscholastic competition. At Pioneer Academy, our athletic programs encourage students to develop healthy exercise habits, increase self-esteem, and stress the importance of sportsmanship while enjoying the challenges of competition.