Pioneer Academy is a residential institution where domestic & international boarding students live on campus with the opportunity to actively participate in events and activities both after school hours and on weekends. Living on campus not only offers extensive social and academic opportunities, but also allows students to make life-long friends and learn of cultures from many different parts of the world. Being an active member of our community helps students become future leaders by preparing them with the well-developed leadership & intellectual skills necessary for success. Additionally, Pioneer puts an outsized emphasis on students exploring the world through educational trips and activities, more so than most other institutions.

Pioneer Academy’s “Community Service Program’’ engages participants in responsible actions for the short and long term well-being of the community, both on and off campus. Through community service, the program encourages respectful connections with others, personal responsibility, and commitment. Our program invites thoughtful exploration about issues that shape our communities, in the hopes that students will learn how this interaction impacts the surrounding world.

Pioneer Academy is committed to providing a safe campus environment for all. The campus is continuously monitored by over 160 cameras and security personnel, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure safety for all. Our campus has a full time school nurse who is on duty Monday – Friday during school hours. In addition to the school nurse, there are also residential staff trained in CPR. In the case of an emergency, there are many local hospitals in the neighborhood that are very close to our campus. Additionally, students participate in seminars about self-cleanliness and awareness on health related issues. Once per year local dentists visit our campus to complete check-ups and inform students on proper dental hygiene.

Student Activities enriches the intellectual, ethical and social development of Pioneer Academy students by engaging them in community involvement, leadership opportunities and weekday/weekend activities. We are committed to providing excellent programs and services that promote student self-governance, respect for diversity, civic responsibility and life-long learning.