ELA curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Everyday, students work hard to develop their phonics, reading, grammar, and writing through a readers and writers model using McGraw Hill Wonders program.

success icon Identify and print capital and lowercase letters

success icon Recognize consonant letter sounds…beginning, middle, and ending

success icon Identify and sound out short vowel words

success icon  Blend sounds to make words

success icon  Read decodable books

success icon  Read 42 sight words and create rhyming words

success icon  Identify opposites

success icon  Explain cause and effect

success icon  Draw conclusions

success icon  Distinguish between real and make believe

success icon  Identify story details (plot, setting, characters, main idea)

success icon  Classify nouns, verbs, and adjectives

success icon  Recognize statements, questions, and exclamation sentences

success icon  Write sentences beginning with a capital letter

success icon  End sentences with a punctuation mark

success icon  Show proper spacing between words

Kindergarten Math

Math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Students build number sense and fluency each day using McGraw-Hill My Math. The goal is not only to teach the facts and figures, but also higher- level thinking and problem solving.

success icon  Recognize numbers to 100

success icon  Copy, create, and extend patterns

success icon  Create, read, and interpret a graph

success icon  Identify sets

success icon  Solve story problems using manipulatives

success icon  Sort objects by color, shape, size, taller, shorter, heavier, and lighter

success icon  Identify and write shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cone, cylinder ,and sphere)

success icon  Identify coins (pennies, nickels, dimes)

success icon  Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s

The Pioneer Academy First Grade is designed to teach the whole child. We work collaboratively to grow socially, academically, and emotionally. The experiences, understandings, and interests that each child brings to the classroom are used to strengthen understandings and further academic investigations.

First Grade ELA

ELA curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Everyday, at least two periods of the students’ day are dedicated to further developing oral vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, fluency, grammar, and writing skills.

success icon  Continue to build students’ repertoire of high-frequency words (sight words).

success icon  Study literary elements: rhyme, repetition, and alliteration

success icon  Identify and characterize various genres of text.

success icon  Apply comprehension skills while reading grade-level texts.

success icon  Compare and contrast multiple texts that pertain to the same topic.

success icon  Solidify letter-sound correspondence including blends, digraphs, diphthongs, silent letters, and long vowel combinations.

success icon  Make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connects.

success icon  Differentiate between parts of speech (common/proper nouns, verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives)

success icon  Identify components of story plots (cause and effect, problem and solution, sequence)

success icon  Compose narrative, explanatory, informational, and opinion writing pieces.

success icon  Continue to develop an understanding of writing mechanics such as capitalization, punctuation, and contractions.

First Grade Math

Math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Students work to continue to solidify number sense and fluency. Students are challenged to utilize higher-level thinking and their problem solving skills when working with place value, time, money, geometry, and organizing, representing, and interpreting data.

success icon  Represent and solve problems involving subtraction and addition.

success icon  Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

success icon  Add and subtract within 20.

success icon  Work with addition and subtraction word problems.

success icon  Extend the counting sequence from 100 to 120.

success icon  Understand place value (1’s, 10’s, and 100’s)

success icon  Compare and contrast numbers by analyzing the numbers in the 1’s, 10’s, 100’s place

success icon  Use place value understanding to add and subtract within 100.

success icon  Measure lengths indirectly and by using set units of measure.

success icon  Tell and write time in hours and half hours with analog and digital clocks.

success icon  Represent and interpret data with various types of graphs.

success icon  Reason with 3D and 2D shapes and their attributes.

2nd Grade Curriculum

The Pioneer Academy Curriculum being taught at the second grade level follows the Common Core State Standard (CCSS).  Students study developmentally appropriate concepts.  The curriculum allows for a deep understanding of the “big ideas” in all content areas.


For students in seconds grade, the ELA instruction focuses on developing literacy and proficiency in language arts with a goal to become lifelong readers and confident writers.  We currently use the McGraw Hill Wonders reading curriculum.  With the use of this program the students are able to read with accuracy and fluency to help support their comprehension. Students are able to apply their basic knowledge and apply it to help them ask questions and clarify answers. They learn different strategies to help them analyze various types of literature seen throughout the series.  Students write various compositions during the school year.  They learn to use reference materials to help support their writing.  The students in second grade learn to give and follow multiple-step directions.

The second grade curriculum focuses on the following key areas of ELA:

success icon  Comprehension of literature and informational text.

success icon  Vocabulary acquisition and use.

success icon  Using text features to access of clarify information.

success icon  Drafting, editing, and revising text.

success icon Command of the conventions of standard English Language.


The students mathematics program is aligned with the CCSS. The curriculum involves the use of technology as well as real life problems.  The students will build upon knowledge and skills learned in previous grade to help them build the foundation in second grade. The materials used in second grade math is the McGraw Hill My Math series.  Students have access to manipulatives and computer software that are supplemental to the curriculum.

The second grade curriculum focuses on the following key areas in Mathematics:

success icon  Place value

success icon  Addition and subtraction

success icon  Numbers and operations

success icon  Measurement and time

success icon  Geometry

success icon  Money

Third Grade ELA

ELA curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Every week the children will study and develop their abilities in several key areas through the readers and writers workshop model using the McGraw Hill Wonders program.

success icon  Vocabulary

success icon  Phonics

success icon  Comprehension

success icon  Grammar


Reading Fluency and Stamina

Third Grade Math

Math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We use the program McGraw-Hill My Math.  To begin the year students review second grade concepts for addition, subtraction, and place value.  As the year progresses the new concepts students learn about are:

success icon  Multiplication

success icon  Division

success icon  Time

success icon  Area

success icon  Perimeter

success icon  Shapes (categories, partitioning)

success icon  Fractions on a number line

success icon  Equivalent fractions

Fourth Grade ELA

The 4th Grade ELA curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Every week the children will study an essential question and enduring understanding for the unit. Students work to develop their abilities in several key areas. 4th grade uses the McGraw Hill Wonders program as well as elements of the readers and writers workshop model to challenge students abilities.

success icon  Vocabulary: Focuses on essential grade level appropriate vocabulary

success icon  Comprehension of Whole Group and Small Group Texts

success icon Grammar

success icon  Writing Units of Study Include:  Opinion, Personal Narrative, Informational

success icon  Reading Fluency and Stamina: Whole Group and Small Group

success icon  Fourth Grade Math

Math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We use the program McGraw-Hill My Math, along with the implementation of IXL online assignments.  To begin the year, students review third grade concepts for place value and the four primary operations with multi-digit numbers.  As the year progresses, students will learn the following concepts:

success icon  Representing Equivalent Fractions

success icon  Operate on Fractions

success icon  Decimal Place Value System

success icon  Units of Measurement

success icon  Area and Perimeter

success icon  Geometric Terms and Relationships